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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Annual Hay Ride


Every year one of the firefighters hosts a hay ride out at his elk ranch.
Here we are riding on the hay out through the ranch.

Zach got the opportunity to feed the horse a carrot. Having never done that before, he was a little nervous about the horse getting so close. He was brave though and had a great time!

Rhiannon was tearing into this hotdog! Between the hay rides and the trampoline, these kids were hungry and exhausted!

On the way back from one of the hay rides, a bunch of kids jumped off the trailer to go jump on the "marshmellows." Zach thought this was a great idea! The kids were playing tag while running on the rows of hay bales. What fun!
Rhiannon was disappointed when we didn't actually produce any marshmellows for her to eat. When I told her I didn't have any, she replied, "But marshmellows are good for my tummy!"

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