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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I met the Governor!

I had a great time out with the girls at our monthly Valley Republican Women's Club meeting. This month Governor Sean Parnell and Lt. Governor candidate Mead Treadwell were in attendance. Before the meeting Gov Parnell came over and introduced himself to all of us and when we mentioned having questions he sat right down and talked to us for several minutes. (I can't believe I did't get a picture! Duh!) I was very impressed with him. He really fights for Alaska and her citizens.
This was the first time I had met Mead Treadwell in person, but he has my vote! He was articulate and didn't pull any punches. I can tell that he is a great candidate for the conservatives!


  1. Parnell is impressive....and kinda hot!

  2. Linda let me read your comments. He's OK for a Gov and Mead will do a good job as well. I attended a meeting he was at just before yours and talked to him on Fish issues in the Valley, I think we are getting through to them. Glad you're getting in with the RIGHT crowd. I attend Republican Women meetings occasionally as part of my job to keep up on Valley issues, I will keep an eye open for you. Which club is it you attend? How are Cameron's parents? I enjoyed staying with them.

    Rex Shattuck